Nothing happens in living nature that is not connected to the whole.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Scientific Cooperation

In order to better understand the processes and interconnections in the ecosystems temperate and tropical rainforest, we cooperate with well-known research institutes. Our conservation and Environmental Ambassador projects are supported with scientific research and accompanied by subject matter experts. Partners include the Helmholtz center for environmental research (UFZ), the Senckenberg Nature Research Society, the Technical University Dresden, the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz and the Bamfield Marine Science Center and Fauna Forever. We carry out field studies and laboratory examinations together with well-known scientists of these institutions. The collected data is the basis for computer simulations and models. In this way, we are, for example, able to research the biodiversity and carbon cycles in our protected areas.

Creating an inventory of the nature areas serves:

  • understanding the ecosystem
  • determining biodiversity to use as an important argument for conservation
  • education programs with schools and the general public
  • long-term monitoring

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Scientific Partners

Renowned scientific institutions support and substantiate our scientific work and research projects