In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Say Goodbye, but not forever

Unfortunately, our last days in Germany are coming to an end. It saddens me to think about saying goodbye to all of the wonderful people I have met on this trip, but I know we will meet again soon! To finalize our expedition in Germany we had our last adventure in Säschsische Schweiz. The landscapes here are stunning, and a pleasure to wake up to every morning. You cannot hear the sounds of cars, cellphones or televisions; only silence. I especially love the peace and quiet after spending over 2 weeks in heavily populated cities full of noise and business. We first arrived here on Friday after our 3rd and 4th Take a Walk for the Wild run in Dresden. The trip started by train, and then a bus… and then by foot! After an hour of travelling we arrived in this funky, cool, and AWESOME little farm called Permahof where you can sit back and relax. The idea was to camp out doors and have a relaxing weekend in the countryside, which was much needed for all of us! Some slept in tents, others slept in this giant round lodge type building, and some even slept outside under the stars in a tree fort! But, after one night of sleeping outside I chickened out and slept in the van. So much for being Canadian eh?! The next morning after a long and restful, but cold, sleep we munched some breakfast, drank loads of coffee, packed our gear and ventured out to Hochstein for a 4 hour hike through some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. This experience served as a great reminder of the land we are trying to protect and save with Wilderness International. I can’t imagine not being able to walk through the forests and listen to the sounds of nature. Since we have been on this trip this hike through Hochstein has been the most nature we have seen since we left home on Vancouver Island. However, we don’t have giant lime and sandstone rocks at home, so seeing these rocks and caves were spectacular. My poor camera is on the brink of death due to my picture taking insanity! I must have taken 100 or more photos. Yikes! Now it is Sunday, which marks our last day in Säschsische Schweiz. I’m super excited and super depressed at the same time for our farewell celebration party with all of the students, staff from Wilderness International, and home stay families. This whole weekend has been filled with laughs, smiles, wonderful memories, story sharing around the fire, and loads of stick bread! Thank you so much to everyone who made this weekend special! I wish tonight was not our last night in Germany… I fear of falling asleep, because I know that when I wake up we will be heading back to Canada…… All-nighter here I come! Alyssa

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