In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Super rain, cool anyway

Tobi My first thought in the morning: “I want to keep sleeping.” Second thought: “I want to go to our next camp.” So I get up and amidst the enthusiasm I burn a finger in the fire. Stop. I have to think clearly here, no matter how excited I am. After breakfast I pack the rest of my things and say goodbye to our land at the Silent Spot. Kathi tells us that the First Nations say goodbye to a place by leaving a special gift there. I throw one of the hand-carved trinkets I made that has become very important to me into the water. That is how I say good bye and also “thank you” for the wonderful time I was permitted to spend here in our first camp. The beautiful landscape makes me calm. I gaze out and find inner closure. But not everyone is coming to the new camp. Robert and Charlotte are leaving us. One last photo, a big hug. The hike to the second camp is significantly shorter than I thought, and when I see it I catch my breath. Our camp is on a long sand bank that has some bushes and small trees growing on it. The river winds its way past, behind us is a cliff, and the hills rise to the right and left of us. But my personal highlight can be seen in the background. Two big mountains, covered with an unbelievable amount of snow and a glacier. I stop and the others pass me. My dream has come true. I love glaciers and snow-covered peaks and at this moment I am completely aligned with the nature around me. It touches me deep in my heart and the view is unbelievable to me. I look, and want to capture the perfect moment, and continue on, but as I turn away I have to immediately look back again – the view is so stunning. But even the most beautiful moment passes and I enter the camp. Three new companions join us. They will be spending the rest of the days with us. Bernd (Kathi’s husband), Klaus (head of Globetrotter Cologne), and Christian (Sustainability advisor, Wikinger Reisen). After a short welcome, we begin to build our camp. I start putting up the tents. Since we couldn’t carry all of our things over at once, after lunch four of us go back to our old camp. As we arrive it has started raining, and is somewhat spooky. One sees our tracks but there are no people there. Everyone has already said goodbye to the camp in the morning, and now we are here again. But this feeling does not last, as we make our way back. Rain keeps falling and so we end our day in the rain under the big kitchen tarp. I climb into my tent tired and happy – the natural beauty still moves me. SMS from Canada #1 Tobi – super rain – cool anyway – cleaning up and saying goodbye to Camp 1– Silent spot – river flows – finally a decent piece of meat again. Translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos: © Wilderness International

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