In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

The countdown has begun!

I still can’t believe it: In one week I will step onto an airplane, leave Europe for the first time, and spend three weeks in the rainforest. I will be working with Emilia on a research project about soil diversity. We want to compare the quality of the soil and the biodiversity of the primary rainforest with the conditions in the secondary forest which was planted later. We will package our results into a comprehensive documentation and make it available to the public. Despite all of the photos and films from Wilderness International that we have already seen, and the enthusiastic stories from previous environmental ambassadors that we have heard, I’m still not sure what I can expect. I think and hope that we will be able to experience wild nature in a most primal and intensive way, and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by its beauty. All shades of green

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