In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

The Cowichan Way of Cooking

Today I woke to the amazing sound of the flute and drum. The sun shining while everybody helped to harvest swordferns, huckleberries, and firewood. We have collected this to start a traditional way to cook with the “Pit Oven“. The oven pit is made from a hole in the ground that is just shaped as a oven with flat rocks on the bottom to create a floor that heats up to cook the food. All the food inside the oven is then wrapped in seaweed while the sword ferns are stacked on top to stop the sand from falling into the food. Meanwhile others have fished to complete the meal. The most delicious food I have tried from the pit oven was very great, knowing that somebody has cooked this food as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. I also have done a lot of carving from a piece of red cedar. The things I chose to carve, were a wolf and an eagle, at first I just carved an eagle head but had thoughts of a wolf at the other end. Afterwards with both carved, the eagle looked like the tail of the wolf. I thought of this because in my eyes the animals were already in the wood before I picked it up from what I saw. After carving for countless hours it made me full of joy to see what I can do with a knife and wood. Gerald Jim Our coordinates as yesterday: N 48°56.573 W 125°0560

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