In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

The World of the Rainforest in Our Conservation Calendar for 2021!

The mighty fluke of a humpback whale, the observing gaze of a lone coastal wolf, the vivid colors of macaws in the Amazon rainforest, an inconspicuous purple shore crab that low-tide left uncovered, and a cuddly Grizzly cub – this year, our conservation calendar displays the wonderful variety that the forest habitat has to offer, from the harsh Northern coast of Porcher Island to the hot and humid tropics of Peru. Also, biologist and photographer Fabian Mühlberger talks about his adventures behind the scenes and answers interesting questions such as: Why do the trees in Western Canada grow so tall? How do the salmon get into the trees? Are snakes in the Canadian wilderness poisonous? Does it ever snow in the temperate rainforest? Starting in November, we send out the A3-calendar as a thank you for every donation of 25€ or more that reaches us at the bank details provided below. When making the transfer, please state “Zuwendung” and your name as reference. Additionally, please contact us via e-mail and provide your address so that we can send out the calendar via mail. For every donation of 200€ or more, we say thank you with up to 10 calendars if you wish. Recipient: Wilderness International IBAN: DE91 8502 0086 0612 2687 46 BIC: HYVEDEMM496 Reference: „Zuwendung“ + your name Also, do not miss the chance to receive a free calendar with every wilderness sponsorship of 128m2 or more! Thank you for your support!

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