In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

From the City to the Beach – Gizzlytour Day 2

A real Canadian breakfast is a work of art: Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, cheese, fruit and coffee. Stuffed to the gills, we roll out of our accommodation towards downtown Victoria, where we tour the city and listen to stories about the first explorers to this region. For example, Sir Douglas managed to have the biggest trees named after himself, the Douglas Firs. Of course, we must do some sightseeing. Shopping and then we hit the road. We travel along the coast to Sooke and Port Renfrew at the end of the highway, a tiny 144-person community on the Pacific coast. To call it a “highway” is an exaggeration… it’s really a narrow, winding road through the middle of the rainforest. The view is breathtaking. Again and again we look to the foamy waves of the Pacific Ocean. If one were to swim straight out to sea, the next stop would be Japan. The moss beds and lichen and ferns, hanging from the trees, frame the street from both sides. Then it begins to rain. A thick veil of fog hangs over the street and transforms the landscape with its enchanting and fantastic light. Everyone is quiet and in awe as the radio plays one country song after the other. Erik puts it aptly: This is Canada – simply breathtaking! And we are only on day two of our trip… When we arrive in Port Renfrew, we enjoy the Botanical Beach, a piece of raw coastline where huge waves crash onto the beach and one truly feels the wild west coast. We arrive to a perfect sunset and everyone does their own thing… taking photos, flying the drone, or simply enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. The Baltic Sea, where we come from is much smaller… Tidal Pools, filled with seawater, plants, crabs, sea stars and small fish can all be found in the holes in the rock formations. A huge swarm of seagulls covers a spit of land on the coast. And kelp stems spread on the surface of the water like long tentacles. We are staying in a small house on the beach, furnished in typical Canadian style. Inside, it is artistically decorated with art of the local First Nations, outside there is a grill and a view of the bay of Port Renfrew. Of course we use the huge BBQ to cook some salmon! I observe a moment as everyone is chatting with each other and laughing, in the background music is playing. Everyone is happy, everyone is in the here and now. And already on day two of this journey, everyone is unbelievably thrilled with this trip and the nature of Canada.

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