Walk for the Wild

Walk for the Wild

A Sponsored Run for Wilderness Protection

What is this all about?

At the Walk for the Wild, students can protect their own piece of wilderness with the help of sponsors and athletic commitment. It is the perfect opportunity to effectively get involved: for the diverse rainforests globally, for climate protection and greener schools locally. The „Walk for the Wild“ event encourages kids to take action! Adults have the opportunity to do the same thing during the Wilderness Team Challenge.

The walk for students

More and more wilderness areas disappear from our earth. In Canada and Peru, however, they still exist: ancient tree giants, salmon-fishing grizzly bears and howling wolves in the temperate rainforest of the north; jungle trees, full of liana, secretive jaguars and playful monkeys in the tropical rainforest of the south. Rainforests are not only the most biodiverse ecosystems of the world, but also the lungs of our planet: they bind immense amounts of CO2 in their biomass. In school presentations, we inform the students about how peculiar yet endangered they are. This environmental education is an elementary part of the wilderness run. You can register through your school.

Team Challenge

The Wilderness Team Challenge offers the opportunity to participate in a meaningful sports event as a family, group of friends, or colleagues. 100 percent of the entry fee goes towards purchasing forest areas. Those who would like to protect even more forest can also find sponsors for their run. Both teams and single runners are eligible to participate. Snacks and drinks are provided. Also, come and enjoy the After Run Party at night! Simply send us an email to sign up.

50€ = 64 m² Wilderness
568.256 m²
by wilderness walks
of 1.674.611 m²

How To Save the Rainforest

You want to participate in the protection of the temperate rainforest? Then you can participate in the Walk for the Wild with your class or school. You can look for sponsors who will support you during the Walk for the Wild. They donate a certain amount of money for each lap of the track you complete. The more sponsors you find and the more laps you run, the more rainforest we can protect together! Together with your sponsors, you protect your personal piece of wilderness. Your school can then use 20% of the donated funds for its own environmental projects to make your school environment greener. Join us and take action for our future!

Sign Up

01. Registration

The registration takes place via the
School/Student Council

02. Presentations

We explain how the wilderness run works
and why we work together.

03. Search for sponsors

Everyone can be a sponsor
every Euro counts!

04. Walk for the wild

After greeting and warming you have one
hour to run as many laps as possible.

05. Evaluation

The most committed runners receive certificates and
awards, sponsors a donation receipt.

06. Use of donations

80% wilderness protection
20% school projects

07. School environmental projects

For example Green Classroom, Biotope
Indoor greenery, insect hotel.