Wilderness as a Gift

Wilderness as a Gift

Birthday ∙ Baptism ∙ Wedding ∙ Birth

A piece of future

Make family or friends happy and give them something out of the ordinary! Do not ponder for a long time about gifts that are not needed – with a wilderness sponsorship you give away a piece of the future.

„They already have, they do not need that, they do not like it“ – do not think about the right present for much longer. Whether for a birthday, christening, anniversaries or Christmas – with a sponsorship for a piece of rainforest you will preserve invaluable valuable habitat for animals and plants – and are guaranteed to be right. The recipient receives a personal sponsorship certificate and as a wilderness sponsor can enjoy your gift for many more years. You will receive the donation receipt and hand over the certificate to the sponsor or we will send it to him.

Give an extraordinary gift, or celebrate in the name of nature conservation and ask your guests for a wilderness sponsorship.

A piece of precious nature, protected forever - is there a more beautiful and connecting symbol for the eternal bond of marriage?

Give a meaningful gift - protect a piece of Creation.

Give the most valuable thing a newborn can get - a piece of future.

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