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Robert Marc Lehmann

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  • Robert Marc Lehmann
  • Marine biologist, research diver, wildlife photographer, filmmaker and conservationist
  • compensation of carbon footprint of media productions and events by protecting ancient forests
  • partner since 2020

Robert Marc Lehmann protects ancient forests

Robert Marc Lehmann is a marine biologist, research diver and adventurer. The passionate conservationist, award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker is working closely with Wilderness International since 2020 in order to compensate the carbon footprint of his media productions and projects by protecting primary rainforests.
Part of this is his book “Mission Erde” ('Mission Earth'): For every book sold, Robert protects 1m2 of rainforest in Peru, thereby preserving an area of 12 000 m2 of coherent intact rainforest as habitat for an incredible biodiversity for all future.
Added to that, every one of his calendars for 2022 will protect 1m2 of precious Amazon rainforest. And in the future, more products and events such as his podcasts, tshirts and student climate conferences will follow in protecting many thousand square meters of  ancient forest. At the moment, we are also working on a carbon footprint calculator for the media sector with Robert. Moreover, Robert is voluntarily active at Wilderness International and supports us with his scientific expertise.

About Robert Marc Lehmann 

In 2015, National Geographic appointed Robert Marc Lehmann as photographer of the year. In 2018, he was elected as person of the year for his conservation efforts. His presence on TV and in movies as well as in audio and print media, be it as camera man, photographer or interviewed expert, makes Robert a conservationist with an extraordinary outreach. Until today, his expeditions have led Robert to more than 120 countries on all eight continents and to all climate zones of the planet. He has also founded his own association and brand “Mission Erde”.

Mission Erde e.V.

Robert Marc Lehmann is on a mission: to preserve our Earth with its unique flaura and fauna - his "Mission Earth". The marine biologist, photographer and conservationist travels around the world to save wildlife and fight environmental crime.
In this book he takes us with him on emotional whale rescues, dangerous turtle and reptile liberations in the jungle as well as other extreme missions where he tries to interfere with people who are destroying our Earth. He shows how serious the situations is, makes us witnesses of the dramatic things that are happening on our planet, and explains what we need to do now and what every single one of us can do to take action.
He makes us hope that not all is lost - because the Earth is worth fighting for it!


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