In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

A nice rainy day

Pia In addition to Sebastian’s call, we are awoken by a constant drumming on the side of the tent – the rain from last night has not let up. Nevertheless, we get in our rain gear and start making our way towards Mia Falls. The Elk Trail leads us through a varied landscape with beautiful flowering meadows and moss-covered, almost spooky forests. The path runs along a river, which we all cross by walking over on a fallen tree trunk. After our picnic, our group splits into two – while a few of us climb up to Mia Falls, the rest explores the nature on the way to camp. At the evening campfire all of us have a lot to tell. The “explorer group” talks about beaver tracks in a marsh and the “Mia Falls group” talks about learning cool new songs. The eventful day ends with marshmallows and stick bread and in the meantime it has even stopped raining! Translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos (c): Wilderness International, Sami Fayed

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