In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Day 10 – July 19, 2017 – Discovery tour at Mikly Creek

The sound of Milky Creek’s playful gurgling wakes us as we lie in our tents, warmed by the sun. In the morning light we see for the first time what gave the creek its name. The white glacier milk springs from Mount McDonald, the highest of the Mackenzie Mountains. In the afternoon we start on our first discovery expedition around the foothills of Mount McDonald. We hike through the thick bush of the lower creek, over the moors and then up the mountain. Our Gwich’in team members teach us a lot about local plants. Most prominently – all the different edible berries! The hike was worth it: the team was rewarded with a beautiful view over the valley. Milan calls out! On the other side of the valley there is a lake where two moose are taking a bath. We all have goosebumps and enjoy this incredibly moving moment. As we arrive back in camp, our mouths are blue from the blueberries we stuffed into them along the way. The media team was more than successful: they were able to shoot various photos, films and drone video at this beautiful place. After an easily prepared and delicious lyofood dinner, we fall into our tents, exhausted. Tomorrow will be another strenuous day … Milky Creek

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