In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Day 12 – July 21 2017 – Hike to Moose Lake

On our hike two days ago we saw an idyllic lake, which was in a dip on a hill behind the canyon of Milky Creek. There, on this brilliant turquoise blue body of water which seems like a paradise in the middle of the forest, through our binoculars we see two moose swimming in the water. We wanted to explore “Moose Lake”, as our Gwich’in team members christened it, on a hike. During a break in the rain we start on our way, but soon it begins to pour again. The bright white Caribou moss in between the black spruce trees show us the way. Our feet sink into the soft moss beds and we walk past blueberry bushes, which are heavy with ripe fruit. After about three hours we return to the camp, soaked in sweat. But we did not reach the lake. Crossing Milky Creek was too risky due to the rain and the high water it caused. But still we are really content and happy because not only has the Arctic nature shown us its beautiful side, but also we were full of the blueberries we picked and munched along the way. Tomorrow we will leave for Tacu Bar – we can’t wait to see what we will find!

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