In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau


We are the team called “Higgledy Piggledy”. We are interested in plants that heal: how are they used, what are their stories and where do they grow best. We have chosen 7 plants that one can find here in Germany and also in Canada, on Vancouver Island. We hope to find samples of these seven plants, and to create a comparison herbarium. For this comparison we need the help of the Cowichan, because they can tell us all about their wide-ranging knowledge of the plants, and help us to protect them. We are especially interested in learning about how the same plants are used in different ways in different cultures. Or are the differences not as great as we imagine them to be? In addition, through a comparison of the plants’ growth in the primary and secondary forests, we can determine how clear-cuts influence nature and plants, as well as to find out what endangers them. We will present the results in various lectures, as well as collect special credits for our coming high school graduation and create a presentation after the expedition. We aim to excite as many people as possible with this topic, and make them realize that we must do something or else these unique plants and the ancient knowledge about them will disappear. Thekla and Lina Project group “Ethnobotany” translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos (c): Wilderness International, Sami Fayed

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