In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

From the Pacific to the Burman River

Good morning! Today is a wonderful morning, the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky. We are on our way to the West Coast of Vancouver Island: Muchalat Inlet. That means I will be seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time! My excitement grows as we pass many trucks that are loaded with wood, but also with lumber machines on our way to Gold River, a small logging village on the west coast of Vancouver Island. There, I am slightly bewildered as we stand next to a huge reloading site of the lumber industry. We start heading to the Burman River in two large canoes and one small one. Not even an hour later one of the pieces of wood connecting the two larger canoes breaks. The waves are not that high, but I doubt we can repair it because of the strength of the water. Further along we see various areas of forest and I learn how to distinguish between an old growth forest and a second growth forest from afar. Now we travel up the Burman River for a bit. This brings a number of challenges with it. At the first set of rapids we have to get out of the canoes and pull them. The current is very strong and pulls Lina and Pia into the water. But they are able to hang onto one of the canoes and soon everyone has made it. The journey into the water is a welcome cooling-off for the two of them. After two more flat areas and some salmon that swim by, we end up on a sand bank and build our tents. In the sand I see a few bear and elk tracks, which gives the evening routine a hint of suspense. It is fascinating to see that as the tide turns, our camping area shrinks. Felix

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