In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Happy Holidays from the other end of the world!

I was lucky to be celebrating an enchanting Gwich’in Christmas at -40°C today! Last night, everyone went to church, most people here are Anglican since the missionaries arrived over a century ago. It was full and busy, people kept coming and going and children were talking and running around. Nothing that I am used to from church at home, but it was so wonderful to see faith alive and vivid! In the morning, everyone got up early to unwrap their presents that were under the tree. And in the afternoon, the entire Snowshoe family, probably around 40 people!, gathered at the grandparents‘ house to hang outand have Christmas supper together. What a great start into my stay here and excellent way to get to know everyone – Shayla and I are super excited now to prepare the Gwich’in – German cultural and environmental exchange next year!

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