In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

In the wilderness

Hey! At the moment we sit together at the campfire, grill marshmallows and sing. It’s chilly. The sky is still full of clouds, like the whole day. In the morning we decide to hike to Mia Creek. During breakfast, Kai starts putting together the shopping list for our time in Toba Valley, so that we can have the same kind of excellent food as we have here. After (almost) everyone makes very good suggestions, we start off across the river to the creek. In the forest on the old logging road we hear only animals, the wind in the trees, our voices and our steps. And all of a sudden the swoosh of a river. We cross it safely by virtue of climbing on a thick fallen tree trunk. Of course Kai has to take fantastic photos of us. 😉 After lunch we arrive at the creek and each of us find a silent spot: a place where we spend 15 minutes simply concentrating on our surroundings and our thoughts. I saw a shrew! We spend some more time sunk in our thoughts and observations, some of us feel like napping. In the late afternoon sometime, more or less exhausted, we arrive back at our camp, and it promptly starts to rain. Great timing…. Lucky for us it was just a short shower and the rest of the evening is saved. After dinner (a kind of risotto, as always very tasty), I extract the freshly gathered wild ginger, which I will later test for its efficacy against leukemia. And even if it doesn’t work, the smell is lovely and if there is any left over at the end, we will probably be able to sell the extract as a fragrance oil. Or drink it ourselves. As I wrote earlier, we all still sit at the campfire, we paint each other’s faces with soot and discuss what we will do tomorrow. Time to finish up or else I don’t know what is going on and I have to stay here in the Elk River Delta… which would not be the worst thing, but I would also like to go to the Toba Valley. Greetings and chat soon, Clara

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