In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Into the land of grizzlys

Hello! Unlike the others, I am allowed to sleep in this morning. But at some point that’s over too, I pack all of my things and climb out of the wet tent. It’s drizzling outside. In the meantime there are not very many people in camp, most of them have left to the sandbank we are supposed to be staying on. Our most important work today is to keep a small fire lit so that David, our hero and rubber dinghy captain, always can get a warm coffee. We are preparing everything for the next boatload. We pack the rain-sodden, sandy tent and the deer tracks that I found yesterday and cast in plaster. We take a bite of lunch, just as David and Tobi arrive in the motor boat. They throw everything in the right place and I am sent with them. We proceed upriver on the Toba through the crystal clear water. With Tobi’s help, David manoeuvers us past tree trunks, the land of the phantom flowers, beautiful old trees, which are covered with moss and lichen, with fog rising between them. It is unbelievable! When we arrive on the sand bank (more like mud bank) we have a bunch of jobs to do, such as putting up the tarp, setting up the tents and much, much more. By the time all of the gear and luggage as well as the entire group are where they are supposed to be, David and Tobi have gone up and down the river 14 times. Later we eat wraps with bacon and sit around the campfire. The everyday life of the camp begins. Henri, Jannis and Julius prepare for dinner in that they begin fishing. Lots of fish bite, but they only take two out of the water. Many of our friends have gone to bed already and we grill the fish – they are delicious! Fog accompanies us all day, completely shrouding the surrounding mountains, and it drizzles all day. We hope we won’t be flooded tonight, like the expedition two years ago, because our tents are directly next to the river. I can’t wait till tomorrow and hope that we have better weather! Antonia PS: Happy birthday to Caro’s grandmother and my grandfather!

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