In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Measuring trees

I wake up in the tent ad see Juluis‘ face about 10 centimeters away. His face reflects my own feelings: sleepy and tired. I decide to get up, be the first person to open my tent, and my exhaustion magically disappears. I am looking at the wonderful and cloud-covered valley of the Elk River. All of us get up and eat breakfast together: granola, yoghurt and fruit compote. After this strong meal we start packing for our first hike. After Kai and Tobi leave on their hike, we also start out as well. We fight through the forest for about an hour, in order to find a good piece of secondary forest. We mark our plot and get to work. Julius and Brigitte do the soil analysis and we concentrate on measuring the trees. We have a lot of fun, because Jette and I had to make a real effort with our short-term memory in order not to forget which trees we already measured. A wasp attack is a small shock for Henri, Emilia and our two guides. Though they are life-threateningly injured from the wasp stings ;D , we make our way back to camp. We also find some tracks from our neighbors in the wilderness: black bears. Back in camp we begin to prepare dinner and gather strength for the next day. Jannis

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