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Protect A Piece of Ancient West Coast Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada

Together with your help, Milky Chance will protect pristine rainforest in the Toba Valley, BC, just 200km north of Vancouver. The more people join in, the larger the protected area of forest will be!
$1 CAD protects 1m2 of forest. Everyone who contributes will receive the certificate with the exact geo-coordinates and pictures of the protected area*.

Donate here to protect your piece of the Milky Chance Forest:

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*All donations made here before Dec 31st, 2021 will go towards the Milky Chance forest.

The Ancient Rainforests of British Columbia

Ancient tree giants. Mysterious ghost flowers. Crystal-clear rivers. Mighty grizzly bears. The temperate rainforest of Western Canada is a natural wonder. It is home to an incredible biodiversity such as rare coastal wolves, bald eagles and tiny humming birds. Added to that, it is crucial for a stable climate on our planet because it stores enormous amounts of carbon. And yet, only 25% of this valuable ecosystem remain. The protection of the remaining ancient forests is essential, as we benefit from it all over the world. Learn more about this here:


About Wilderness International
Wilderness International is a charitable foundation based in Canada, Peru and Germany. We work for the protection of the last remaining wilderness areas of the planet. To achieve this, we purchase titled land with ecologically intact and acutely threatened ancient forests in Canada and Peru and protect them for the future. Donations refinance the purchases and at the same time secure the permanent protection of the areas, as well as environmental education and research.

About Milky Chance
Milky Chance is a German folctronica band from Kassel with Clemens Rehbein as lead singer, Philipp Dausch as lead singer, Antonio Greger as guitarist and Sebastian Schmidt as drummer. Their first single „Stolen Dance“, released in 2013, soon headed international music charts and won several awards. The environmental cost of producing and distributing music worldwide is immense and the rigid systems in place are hard to crack.
With their initiative „Milky Change“, the band aims to raise awareness for environmental issues and sustainability approaches, but also to contribute to solutions themselves. „We think the best way to bring about the change that the world so desperately needs is by changing ourselves first.“

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