In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

One tree, 1000 years – Day 11

1000 years. One tree. Like a snake, one behind the other, we walk through the woods. Afterwards, like a cougar, quiet and observant, analyzing our surroundings. Then we see the tree: devout, gigantic, phenomenal and majestic. The view of this Giant Red Cedar impresses us immensely. This moment is timeless. The background, framed by the flowing Toba River, the rainforest that surrounds us, the mountains and the clear sky – breathtaking. Fascinated we look up, examine the innumerable branches covered in moss, and the huge crown. It is another unbelievable and unique chance to observe this protected nature. After a short moment of timeless wonder, we continue our hike. – Karol

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