Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours

Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours

Short and Sweet
  • Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours
  • Whale Watching and Grizzly tour operator based in Campbell River, BC
  • since 2014 huge logistical support of our expeditions
  • since 2018 CO2-Compensation (protection of prime salmon and grizzly habitat)

Ever since the beginning of our work in the Toba Valley, Campbell River Whale Watching has been at our side with their expertise in the region for transport to the Toba Valley.
As tour operator for wildlife sightings, Campbell River Whale Watching relies on spectacular landscape and intact habitats to operate its business. That is why the Canadian company has decided to say Thank You to nature for the great experiences it makes possible on their tours. Since 2018, Campbell River Whale Watching, together with its guests, compensates their business’ impact on nature entirely, expressed in CO2 emissions, by protecting temperate rainforest in British Columbia. Every guest going on a Whale Watching tour or Grizzly Bear trip protects 1m2 of rainforest forever, and an even larger area is being preserved since 2019 with the voluntary donations nature-loving costumers add to this. The protection of an area at least 1.5 times as large as needed to balance out emissions further marks a generous assumption of responsibility for habitat and biodiversity protection, and therefore sustainability in general.
The conservation areas at the Toba River are prime spawning grounds for salmon as well as habitat for grizzlies and black bears. By preserving the salmon population, the basis of life for whales, grizzlies and other animals that costumers come to see is protected.
This way, the conservation of rainforest in BC is tangibly traceable and directly connected to their costumers’ experience.

Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours is a key player in the Vancouver Island region. Many years of experience have allowed the company to expand and to look for new ways to engage with guests. Campbell River Whale Watching is dedicated to providing their guests with exciting experiences while at the same time committing to responsible wildlife viewing practices as an active member of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association. Each vessel is equipped with specifically designed underwater microphones enabling guests to listen to vocalizations of the Orcas. New and well-maintained engines exceed current Environmental Protection Agency standards.