Achieving more together


  • DJI
  • global leader in drone technology
  • sponsoring of two drones for rapid assessments
  • Partner since 2021

DJI takes off into the wild as role model for digitalization in environmental protection

The  world's leading manufacturer of drones supports us with two drones. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI FPV are the two models that are perfect for our work in far-away wilderness areas thanks to their special flight characteristics and small pack size.

Wilderness International works with DJI as a spearhead in the digitalization of wilderness areas. In order to make transparency of our work possible in a new dimension with the use of technology, we work with technology  such as that from DJI.

The use of the DJI drones for international wilderness protection:

The two drones Mavic-2 Pro and DJI FPV are used for exploring and scouting new pieces of land, which Wilderness International then buys and places under legal and long-term protection. With our to work as transparently as possible, we set standards in the digitalization of environmental protection.

The drones are absolutely essential for scouting new wilderness areas, as they allow us to start from easily accessible points in the forest and explore new pieces of land. An exploration by foot is usually not possible and would be far too time and resource-consuming. In the future, there will be a completely new approach to forest protection and the control of protected areas. For this purpose, drones will support our staff on the ground and our forest rangers will be trained in handling the drones. In addition to their patrols, they will be able to fly over a large area with the drone in order to be able to obtain information quickly if there is suspicion of any intrusion.

The use of drones is of enormous importance both in rapid assessment (as a decision-making aid for the protection of a wilderness area), as well as in the control of our protected areas. DJI's drone technology enables us to monitor forest areas that are difficult to access. It allows us to show our work for wilderness protection in real-time, digitally available, and conveniently viewable, which makes it easier for people to get excited and to get involved as donors or volunteers.  This allows us to protect a lot more wilderness areas worldwide, to preserve biodiversity, and to guarantee that intact natural areas will continue to provide essential ecosystem services for our daily life.

This way, DJI supports Wilderness International as a long-term partner with essential infrastructure and thus says "thank you" to nature.