Less Waste Club

Achieving more together

Less Waste Club

  • Less Waste Club
  • Manufacturer of innovative personal care products in form of powder
  • Protects 1 square meter of Peruvian rainforest per product sold
  • Partner since 2021

The club idea makes it happen: together to avoide plastic and to protect the rainforest

The Less Waste Club gives every member and customer the great chance to save on (plastic) packaging because the packaging is reduced to the bare essentials. By saving weight and volume, the Less Waste Club products save up to 87% CO2 in the entire supply chain. The products are gentle on the skin, cleanse and moisturize.

With three steps to more sustainability: shower gel powder + water = liquid shower gel.

The Less Waste Club protects one square meter of rainforest in Peru for each product sold, permanently, legally secure and traceable.