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Quantum Systems GmbH

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  • Quantum Systems GmbH
  • producer of eVTOL drones
  • important partner for transparency and research for Wilderness International, support with aerial pictures and Lidar photos of our conservation areas
  • Partner since 2021

One of the most important elements of our work is transparency. That is why we give out the exact geo-coordinates for every piece of forest we protect so that donations are tangible. To achieve this, we take so-called orthomosaics, high-resolution aerial pictures. Quantum Systems GmbH from Munich, who produces eVTOL drones, supports us in this endeavor with equipment such as drones, cameras and sensors. We can also greatly benefit from their team's experience and expertise in the fields of measurements, LiDAR and the processing of geoinformation data. The collaboration with Quantum-Systems saves us up to 200 hours of work per 60 ha of forest.

In June 2021, Quantum-Systems team members went on an expedition with Wilderness International to take aerial pictures and to fly with LiDAR and multispectral cameras over our protected forests and potential future conservation areas in Peru. This way, we also collected important research data that is then evaluated by our scientific partners Fauna Forever and the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig (UFZ). This allows us to gain important information about conservation areas, such as carbon sequestration and biodiversity data.

Starting in October 2021, Quantum-Systems also protects 64 m2 of tropical rainforest in Peru for every Trinity F90+ drone sold. This year alone, we can thereby protect about 10.000 m2 of Amazon primary rainforest forever - the same forest that the Trinity F90+ flew over in June.

We are extremely excited and grateful for Quantum-Systems' extraordinary commitment to the protection of wilderness and for their support with our transparency endeavors.