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  • Vairtual
  • Airline for Social Crowdfyling
  • Carbon Footprint Compensation of all flights
  • Partner since 2021

Airline Vairtual takes off from the beginning with the carbon footprint compensation of all flights

Unfortunately, flying is not yet sustainable. That is why Vairtual offsets the CO2 emissions from all of its flights by protecting tropical rainforests in Peru. Each ticket is automatically offset with the booking. In this way, Vairtual makes its impact on the environment tangible and at the same time assumes responsibility.

The first flight is scheduled to take place in December 2021. From then on, Vairtual will actively protect wilderness in Peru.

With the concept of social crowdflying, Vairtual is an exotic airline in every way! The virtual airline does not determine its flight plan itself - it is determined by the passengers, i.e. the crowd. This way, there is no normal flight booking, but social crowdflying, which is unique in its conception - no masses, back to customer loyalty, fair service and the feeling of being on the road together.