In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Presentations in Dresden

Waking up at 7:00AM was not exactly the greatest, but by the end of the three presentations we did today it was worth getting up super early! I presented alongside the Cowichan group at 3 schools; Kreuzgymnasium, Kindergarten school, and Dresden International School . Although the presentations can take a lot out of our group i feel rejuvenated when I see the smiles and hear the laughter from the students we present to. Especially the kindergarten class we went to today. After we presented to them they sang US a song with little hand drums and the cutest voices. Listening to their song was heartwarming and almost brought tears to my eyes. Being a part of the presentations has been an unexplainable experience. Every time I hear the beat of the drums, see the dances, and listen to the powerful voices from our Cowichan group I am overwhelmed with a sea of emotions. I can feel, hear and see the huge amount of effort that is put into these traditional songs. I am more than honored to be a part of this group, and to support the youth we have with us as well. I am looking forward to the presentations coming up in Weimar, and to spend the day with our group, which is now more like a family to me. Alyssa

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