School Garden

A Calm Spot in the Shade

Up until now, this small and shady corner of the school yard was hardly ever used by anyone. Could we possibly create a garden here? And use the existing rigid liner to build a pond?

Of course! Just select a couple of types of plants that like the shade more than bright sunlight. That way, some ferns joined the pile of deadwood. Woodruff and wild berries now grow under bushes. Only a couple of weeks later, the first flowers already started to bloom! Soon, we will also be able to savor some redcurrant and blueberries. The pond is now ready for our winged friends: When will the first dragonfly come by?
The fourth grade students put in a great effort and a lot of motivation to select the plants, dig and plant. Now, they are excited to enjoy their calm retreat in the shade, where they can refresh during breaks on hot summer days.