In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Titanic with a happy end

Johannes I am woken by Tobi, he says there is water in the tent. I look at it a little closer and I only see a small puddle in the front of the tent, but the teeny-tiny problem is that it is still raining. I think that we have to do something, and wake up the others. Kai, Kathi, Hannes and the media people are already awake. We divide ourselves into different groups. One group takes down the tents, in order to transport them a small wooded area on higher ground, and the second group collects the food and takes it to the same place. After an hour we have brought everything to a safer and dryer place. But now begins the real work: setting up the camp again in the woods. I am a bit sad that we had to leave the old camp, because everything was set up so nicely. But in this situation complaining helps little, so we all simply do our jobs so that this camp will be nicer than the old one. After many hours and a lot of sweat, we did it. Now the first order of business is dinner: yummy Indian soup. Everyone likes it, and I am happy about that, because I was one of the cooks. Unfortunately it starts to rain again, but after a few minutes slows down, and we are rewarded for all our hard work with a brilliant, colorful double rainbow. We sit at the campfire and enjoy the evening with marshmallows and cookies. My last thought: It was a stressful day but it was wonderful. The temperate rain forest showed us its best side, and we were witness to a lot of natural spectacles. SMS from Canada: #1 Johannes, Titanic with a happy ending – leaving a comfortable sand bank due to a flood – moving to a small forest on higher ground #2 drying out – big fire – tasty food – a lot of rebuilding in the evening – rainforest light show with a double rainbow Translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos: © Wilderness International

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