In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Walking on the tree tops

Today was a long day of travel. We all met up at the school, said our goodbyes to our host families in Frankfurt and started our drive to Leipzig. After a two hour drive we stopped at a national park where we walked among the tree tops. It was so much fun and the sites were wonderful. Took lots of good pictures for the website! We continued on to Leipzig, and on the way everyone fell asleep. After another two hours we arrived at Kathi’s house. We ate wonderful soup and delicious desert. Now we sit on the patio, enjoying the view and playing soccer. Tonight Ger Bear, Bobo, Alyssa, Flo and I will sleep under the stars in the tent! Best way to enjoy Germany. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day, no presentations. Might go do a little sight seeing. So happy to be a part of this experience! Kirstin

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