In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Welcome and goodbye

That feeling, after a small adventure, having a nice shower and waking up in a soft bed, accompanies us all morning. Every face showed this joy: joy about a day off in the beautiful Strathcona Lodge, joy at what we have before us, and clearly joy about the breakfast buffet. 😀 It is clear that our experience together at the Elk River have left a mark on us. We feel so much closer to each other now. We have received an addition to our group. David, Head of Wilderness International Canada, arrived in the morning and left for Campbell River with Kai, Jette and Tobi to go shopping and secure our food supply in the Toba Valley. After we leave our not-so-fresh laundry to our expedition den mother Brigitte to wash, we start painting our beloved drums with Tina. Even if Jorge couldn’t come because he was ill, we had a great time painting the bear-paw motives, designed by his wife, on the drums. In the afternoon we have to say a difficult goodbye to Tina. We are so thankful that in the past couple of days we have learned so many things from her about the culture of the First Nations. We have some time before dinner so Julius, Henri and jump into the high tide of the Upper Campbell Lake one last time. I will probably never forget this unique feeling of liberation, as I swim towards the sun in this breathless mountain landscape before me. Wearing my new Strathcona Lodge t-shirt, I make my way to the dinner buffet. Despite all of the wonderful experiences, this day is marked by goodbyes: Goodbye from Valerie and Savannah, the guides we have learned to love, from the Strathcona Lodge, from our soft and comfortable beds and from you Wildblog readers… since we will probably have little contact to the outside world in the next two weeks. While I sit here on the balcony and see the clouds hang on the mountains over the lake, my excitement and anticipation ahead of our time in the Toba Valley increases. The only thing left to do is let the day fade, pack our things and wait to see what happens. Caro

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