In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

We’re on a boat!

Dear Wildblog readers, Yesterday we could welcome the Cowichan people here in Taucha, and because of that we went to Leipzig today to show them the inner city. We were for example at the Thomaskirche and were lucky to be able to listen to some compositions from Bach. Since many of our Canadians have never seen a historical city center, they really enjoyed the short trip. After having some delicious ice cream, we went to a city park to meet up with Ronja’s family and Florian, because they had built up an about ten (10!) metres long rafting boat to take us alltogether through Leipzig’s canals. It was much fun and the paddling people from Leipzig were amazed about our performance. Of course the weather was brilliant so that the only thing we could do was enjoying the paddling trip. Back in Taucha, we had coffee and cakes together with the stipendiates from Dresden, ours and their families and some former stipendiates. All of us danced and sang together with the Cowichan people, who brought their drums to share their traditional songs with us. These ceremonies are a very important part of this tribe because they honour their ancestores and we are very glad that they let us join them. Now we are watching pictures of the last expedition this summer and it is so awesome to remember all these great adventures. Shortly we will report about the next experiences, Finn lr-6840

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