In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Why am I even here?

The Peel River Watershed is one of the last remaining untouched wilderness areas on this planet. It is home to unique wildlife and provides „physical and spiritual sustenance“ for several First Nation tribes of the region such that „they can not only survive, but flourish.“ (Jill Pangman, CPAWS) Mining and oil and gas extraction threaten to destroy this stunning landscape and harm its delicate ecological balance. Roads will fragment the landscape, mines dig up the lush grass plains and chemicals pollute the pure air and water. Air we breathe and water we want to drink. This would mean the loss of incredible natural beauty. And more importantly, it will deprive the porcupine caribou of their safe route and the First Nations of their traditional lands, let alone be an offense to their constitutionally protected rights!
The affected tribes, supported by two environmental organizations have geared up to defend the Peel in front of court. But see yourself: Protect the Peel – Yukon Court of Appeal Hearing What’s the future of the Peel? The next steps in the process are to be determined these days. Stay updated here!

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