How does wilderness protection continue during COVID-19?

The eagle of wilderness protection keeps flying! It is only looking at things from a safe distance: Due to the current situation, we are working mostly from home right now. Nonetheless, we are of course giving our best to keep protecting as much amazing wilderness as possible. Our cause cannot wait! At the moment, we cannot guarantee to be reached at the office phone. However, we are forwarding our answering machine, so just leave us a message and we will get back to you. Our office hours also had to be cancelled for now. If you have an urgent reason to stop by, please send us an email first to make arrangements. Of course, in times like these we are more thankful than ever for any support you can give – after all, you can easily protect wilderness from home! You can become a wilderness sponsor, give a piece of wilderness as a gift to a loved one, or simply donate. Stay safe, Your Wilderness International team