In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Wilderness Run in Cologne

Today we had to wake up early to go dance at the museum in Cologne. Benny, one of the Cowichan Tzinquaw dancers from Vancouver Island, used a mask that made the audience laugh. The mask he was wearing is a traditional mask from the Cowichan people, and was made by my Grandpa, Yutxum. The stage kind of hurt my feet from dancing, but it was fun! We only danced to one song, but we could have done way more! So far I have had so much fun dancing in Germany. Then we took the kids outside of the museum for the Take a Walk for the Wild run. There were 420 participants, which included us, teachers and students! We also gave everybody high fives when they ran past us. Some students even ran over 30 laps, which is more than 12km! A lot of kids wanted our autographs. Now we are on the road to Berlin! To be continued… From Leonard More pictures of the run on and

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