In der Wildnis liegt die Erhaltung der Welt.
Henry David Thoreau

One day in beautiful wilderness

Next day, next wonders. The morning shower was the jump into „our“ ocean. During their bath, some people had the fortune to be observed by a family of raccoons. After our open-air instant breakfast the students splitted-up into their project groups. I, for instants, joined the forest group. It was incredible to see the dense wall of different trees only a few meters next to the sea. Already in front of this natural paradise the following two surprising facts were explained to us by an experienced Globetrotter: The bear, especially the grizzly bear, feeds up to 90% vegetarian! And this is really true! He loves for example sweet green grass called sedge. After a hard climbing through tight bush we said good-morning to a maple tree and we’ve got the information that compared to Germanys forest and the Amazon rainforest the biomass per hectare in Canada is huge, in fact it is the highest on earth. And if this day didn’t want to end the night-sky let us grin once more. The half-moon went down above the mountains and for about three minutes Duncan had a magically appeared mosque. See you tomorrow Blanka

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