In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

16 Hours at Sea – Ferry trip through the Inside Passage

4:30 a.m. Sounds like a terrible start into the day. But if a 16-hour ferry ride is waiting for you – with the potential of beautiful views and the possibility to see whales – then you get out of bed faster than you think. After packing our bags and having a good and quick breakfast, we say goodbye to the early morning Prince Rupert and climb on the „Northern Expedition“ for a 16-hour ride, along the coastal mountains of British Columbia. The weather is playing along. Super calm sea, not too much wind. The perfect conditions for whale watching. Despite the great weather, most of my fellow travelers are in their cabins, but, wrapped in my rain jacket, I’m looking for a nice place on the outside deck. We pass countless waterfalls, beautiful mountain ranges and unique forest landscapes, I let my gaze wander and enjoy nature from a completely different perspective. After three hours, the first whales find our ship. We can watch them very well and even see them breach. What a wonderful sight. I can’t believe it. A short time later, a group of dall’s porpoises appears right next to the ferry. After this eventful day, full of nature observation, we arrive in Port Hardy in the dark. We are happy to have solid ground under our feet again. When all our luggage is safely waiting for us in the harbor and a taxi arrives, we are relieved and can fall into bed satisfied and full of new impressions. Carina

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