In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Breathtaking wilderness just outside of town?

It is possible! Today I went for a ski on (yes, on!) Jackson Lake just 20km away from Whitehorse with Jill from CPAWS. Afterwards, we were able to warm up in the lovely cabin of some friends who were having a Christmas party. They are actually two German brothers with their families who immigrated a long time ago. They live with water from the lake and solar power, still have a wood stove and oven and no connected plumbing. And yet all the more it is a wonderful place and lifestyle, a little nostalgic and definitely in touch with nature and all the surroundings. The children can play outside all the time, they all gather cozily around the fire, they get to admire the scenery right outside their window and observe wild, undisturbed animals so closely! Say good morning to the sun rising over the lake and goodnight to the marvelous star sky. There is definitely no need to long for the luxuries of the city. Terrific landscape, peaceful silence and this sense of life how it is supposed to be. Beauty no picture can capture.
Now I’m just thinking, if so close to a city already lies a jewel like this, how incredible must untouched wilderness areas like the Peel River Watershed then be!

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