In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

All together again

  Dear readers, As you know, we had to split up our expedition group yesterday. Clara wrote about the events in our camp, and now I will tell you about what Ronny, Caro, Jette, David, Kai and I experienced. Caro and I followed Jette and Ronny onto the sand bank. David and Kai continued on to scout out a different sand bank. Kai stayed there, further upriver, because it was significantly better than the one that we sat on. The plan was that Jette, Caro, Ronny, Kai, David and I would stay at the sand bank, and the others would stay at base camp. So David and I packed everything we needed for 6 people and went back. Afterwards we went upriver again to Kai. This sand bank had a fantastic view of the mountains and two waterfalls, and we could once again sleep on soft ground after the stony Elk River Delta. We chilled out the whole next day and in the evening we were all together again. We had 3 great barbecue chickens for dinner, grilled over an open fire. And now all I want to do is climb into my comfortable sleeping bag because it is getting cold. I’m thrilled because tomorrow we will (hopefully) reach our goal: the Toba Valley! Rock on Henri WB-1010357

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