In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Searching for Animal Tracks – Day 12

As I crawl out of my tent in the morning, I see the fog and clouds, so typical for the Toba Valley, float across the river. But I only have very little time to enjoy the moment, since we must prepare for our day hike. We want to visit a sandbank that is somewhat above our camp. There, we measure more trees and work on our research projects. Wandering through the forest behind the sandbank, I follow animal tracks through a small wood, to a side branch of the Toba. Carefully, I approach , hoping to see a beaver or an elk by the water. But as I arrive, I only see smaller animals scatter. I arrive back in the camp somewhat disappointed. Fortunately, I am cheered up by a group swim and a mud-fight. As we eat dinner, we see a small brown head and a tree branch moving through the water. A beaver! All of a sudden we all stand at the water’s edge and want to catch a glimpse of it. It calmly swims by and disappears in the fog. – Max

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