In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Berlin. And a lot of sights.

Today we started the day by doing a presentation at the Berlin Cosmopolitian School. The first group was really fun and they had lots of questions for the First Nations. We ended the first presentation with the Friendship song and the kids really enjoyed dancing with us. Our second presentation also went very well. The kids were very engaged and listened well. Again, we ended the presentation with the Friendship song. I danced with this little girl from Toronto, who just recently moved to Germany. She was so sweet, and she gave me a little gift, a seed. After that we went to the boat tour on the river in Berlin. It was very cool to see everything from the river. We saw the Presidents House, the Governments Building, memorial to those killed at the wall and many other things. It was around a two hour ride. Once we got off the boat we headed over to the Brandon Burger Gate. It was really beautiful especially at night with all the lights. As we walked down the street we got to see a tiny portion of the Berlin Wall on the road. You could see the bricks in the road in a zig-zag line. We walked over to the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. The artist that made the Memorial wanted each person to enterprite the art for themselves. I saw the art like a maze. As I walked through whenever I saw someone I wanted to escape them. It was really an emotional experience. After we walked through the Memorial we stopped for dinner at this amazing donair place. They were huge and so yummy! It was a really good day, and very busy. Kirstin.

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