In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Day 11 – July 20, 2017 – Mountain View: Mt. McDonald

Cold. It is simply damn cold. 0 degrees Centegrade. 530am. A small group made up of Kai, Daniel, Reyna, Johannes, Jette and Tobi heads out. The goal: Mt. McDonald. Or at least the wonderful view on the imposing and powerful mountain. Along Milky Creek on its way up, the group crosses small rivers, mountain meadows and small moors. At around 630am the sun comes out from behind the mountain, tickling our noses for the first time. Somehow it is a fight. Our feet sink into the soft moss, which is laced with lichen, and makes every step even more difficult. But we have a goal: the top of the last mountain before Mount McDonald. We walk over a large ridge and through beautifully blooming mountain meadows, toward our goal. As we arrive on the summit at around 9am after three and a half hours of hiking, Tobi cries out in joy. The view is gigantic: directly in front of us is a drop of about 1000 meters, and Mount McDonald steeply rises up behind it. The blank cliff face and the glaciers that wind through it force us into silence as we sit there. Is this real? Is it possible that there are still untouched, wild places of such grandeur in this world in which humans have used so much? Yes! Because we are in one of the last places like this and that is why we must protect them. After a successful videotaping session we start back towards the camp. On the way, we collect some plants for scientific analysis. Every so often we stop and simply enjoy the view. As we stumble into the camp after 10 hours of hiking we don’t have much energy left. We fish for dinner, cook and the first few fall asleep at 8pm. What a fantastic day. A day to remember! Mt. McDonald

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