In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Day 14 – July 23, 2017 – Canyon ahead!

Dull raindrops wake us from the dreamland of grizzly bears and caribou. Yesterday we did not make it all the way through the canyon, so today we want to do that! Let’s go! Ahead of the canyon the three boats are divided up: Kai and Tobi go ahead to the edge of the canyon and do some scoping out. After all the cameras, drones and tripods are stationed, Johannes and Jette’s boat departs. Tobi takes the first images with the drone, while others wait expectantly. The boat takes the first curve well, but afterwards they are slammed against a boulder. Johannes’ face, and those of the rest of the boat crew, betray what kind of strength he has to use to turn and move the boat forward. All of a sudden they are shaken loose and pushed up against the edge of the stones, before they navigate around the final boulder of the canyon and allow themselves to float out. Wow! We made it! Now the other two boats have to make it through… after Johannes, Jette, Tobi and Kai assess the first boat’s route, and prepare the other two boats, it’s time to go. The last two boats make it through the canyon without damage, but both are hindered by the same boulder, turn, and then are pulled downriver. It’s almost funny as we float out of the canyon and the wild water is replaced by silence. We float further downriver and we are happy that we have passed through the final and largest canyon And then the reward: a large caribou bull with a huge rack of antlers accompanies us along the river for about 500 meters. He always watches us as he trots along the shore. It is simply breathtaking. Everyone sits there wordlessly, enjoying this spectacle of nature, while we feel goosebumps on our bodies. Simply singular and worth protecting. 2008 Conservation Expedition

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