In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

The Eyes of the Forest – Day 14

In the early morning hours, we all get up more or less voluntarily. The reason for this is that today we move camp downriver to the nature protection area called „Land of the Ghost Flowers“. When we arrive at the area, we measure a few trees, and then we go on the hunt for the plant after which this piece of land is named. After spending some time searching, we finally see the ghost flower. Seemingly lifeless and pale, the white flower lives on the saps of the surrounding ancient trees. Spellbound by the fascinating beauty, we stay a little while. Unfortunately, we have to keep moving, so we leave to the next sandbank, while an elk observes us. The magic wanes as we build the tents – but all of a sudden, there is deathly silence in the camp. A young black bear skeptically watches the hustle and bustle on the sand bank. Carefully, we approach the curious animal and take some photos form a safe distance. But soon that’s too much for the bear, and he disappears back into the primal forest. – Cornelius

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