In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Preparations – Day 2

Our second day in Canada begins with a cold, short but very fun early morning swim in front of a breathtaking landscape vista of mountains shrouded in fog. The expansive buffet that followed at 7.30am satisfies our hunger and invites us to discuss our initial impressions and experiences. In the morning, until lunch, we use the time to organize ourselves and work on our projects. A few of us enjoy an interesting and informative presentation by the biologist Mathias Nuss, and we go shopping for the food we will need during the expedition aside from the awesome sponsored Lyofood we have. Once again, we are all excited to imagine the next days that we will spend in the wilderness. The fantastic breakfast is followed by an equally fantastic lunch. Like at breakfast, we were also able to watch the colorful hummingbirds at a feeder outside the window of the lodge. Now, we have an extra hour to relax before we start on a 2-3 hour hike. We spot a bald eagle, the logo of our organization, which makes the day perfect. Afterwards, we go with Sebastian, our tour leader, to look at a clear cut, and in a deeply touching speech, he tells us about the importance of protecting the rainforest. We are moved by his words, and have also gained a few more survival tips. We are well-prepared for the wilderness. After dinner follows the final packing and a few other things, and then we let the evening end quietly. Afterall, we have to get up early tomorrow! Then, we finally head out to the wilderness! Karol (many greetings from strathcona park lodge in Canada!!!! :D )

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