In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

The most extraordinary time of our lives – Day 18

Why does one only learn afterwards how great some life experiences are, like the one we had in the Toba Valley?! I regret, yes I am almost even ashamed to say that during the expedition, I sometimes yearned for the comforts of civilization, instead of just allowing myself to experience what was in front of me. But last night, sitting on the lonely pier at the ocean, seeing the uncountable lights from the houses of Vancouver, the ships, and the now comparably weak light from the stars, it was clear to me and probably many of us, what wilderness really means, how valuable it is and that we have probably just experienced the most extraordinary time of our lives. It is also becoming clear to us that we will likely never experience anything like this again, which throws us into melancholy. We are also sad when we think of the destruction of most of Canada’s forests. But then, like a little farewell, a small seal pops up five meters next to us, and we realize that nature is present everywhere. And when people have disappeared from this earth, it will hopefully once again heal itself, expand and thrive. This was a small emotional closure for us and our amazing time in Canada. -Raphael

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