In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

It’s a Long Way – Grizzlytour Day 8

We fly home today. The trip back is under a bit of an emotional cloud, especially because we only had such little time for this unique journey. Nevertheless, all are super content and excitedly talking about the fantastic moments of the last couple of days. We fly from Vancouver to Ottawa, say good-bye to Joschi, who will visit friends here, and the rest of us continue on to Frankfurt. The flight back is turbulent, but that’s okay because we are all still exhausted from the past couple of days. We all fall into a deep sleep thanks to Air Canada’s comfortable aircraft and super service. And then, then we are back in Germany. Landing in Frankfurt, getting the luggage and saying farewell. It is a happy farewell, since we all share an unbelievable experience, one which only very few people have the privilege of experiencing: An expedition into one of the most exciting and wildest ecosystems on earth, one that we must protect: The temperate rainforest of western Canada.

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