In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Pure relaxation and the wrath of heaven

Today is the day when we have to say goodbye to David and Fabian. Early in the morning we take them to the parking lot, repack the luggage, and after a short farewell we return to San Josef Bay. There, we find super delicious Lyofood for breakfast. The porridge tastes great and you just have to pour some hot water into it. It is also super-light and is made only of natural ingredients. After fortifying ourselves, we all sleep for a bit and enjoy the great weather. We get to recover from the last couple of days. In the evening there is delicious rice with vegetables and marshmallows and chocolate for dessert. When we all get into our sleeping bags early, a stormy rain begins. Luckily, our MSR tents are not only absolutely waterproof, but also stormproof. But as the storm continues to rage, it rips the nails out of the ground and the outside tent claps against the inner tent. Our sleeping bags get wet, just like our shoes and our clothes. We thought we were going to die! No, but seriously, but it was quite a hard, cold and wet night. – Henri

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