In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Filming in the wilderness

  Hey all of you out there, Today Kai wakes us up and we walk from our camp-plateau down to the tarp, where we listen to his speech on nutrients, proteins and uses of our chia seeds, which have swollen since yesterday. Then we eat the slimy stuff, which I try to pimp with marmalade, but that only works partially. Kai and David chow down on it, while the rest of the group fights to finish half a pan. After breakfast, a cheeky seagull dares to come to our camp and since we don’t want a bird to destroy our organization, Julius and Henri chase it away with spartan yells, throwing stones and a self-made spear. Then the whole group except Ronny, Tobi, Julius and I gets ready to cross the river with the motor boat in order to research a new plot on the other shore. We go into the forest to the wolf maple, where we want to shoot some video for Wilderness International and our project film. Ronny films licorice ferns and berries, later Julius’s explanations about soil analysis and also me, as I identify a Candy Flower. After six hours of camera-on, camera-off we walk back to the camp, where we arrive with the others. They tell us about their strenuous day, measuring trees and new plats, about a phantom flower (a particularly rare one, that looks like beautiful porcellan), which we would have loved to have for our film, and about long lists of types of flora. We are not done with filming, so we do some drone filming and take a look at some of the footage, before we sit down for a really yummy curry for dinner (cooked by the others). We laugh a lot when Kai releases his inner otter, and some of the boys have a water-drinking contest. After that, Clara and I go to bed. The day was so unbelievably wonderful, we got great pictures and I am very content that we have gotten so much of our film done already. I like the everyday life of the camp, I don’t miss the city at all and the fresh air all day is good for me. If I think that we will be leaving the wilderness in a few days, I already miss our view and the get-up-in-the-morning- and-find-oneself-between-the-foggy-mountains. I am enjoying the nature and I am simply thankful that I am here. Have fun, Emilia Wilderness International Kanadareise 2014

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