In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Hello everybody :)

Hello everybody from around the world. I sit here, outside it is raining and write on my certilingua essay about my project I worked on in Canada and here. The last time I wrote an article about the things I was fascinated about, today I would like to write about the contrary, so the things I was shocked and sad about. One day, before we started our long hike in the middle of the wonderful Old Growth Forest with all our luggage we stopped by bus in front of a huge clear-cut area and David and Kai started speaking about this disaster we saw… – normally, each year about 4 species disappear, but because of pollution, urbanisation and deforestation this number is now…100.000!!! – it is more economical for the large wood companies to clear-cut large areas, although they don’t need all of the wood, a lot is left behind and burned afterwards. To show their „graciousness“ they often leave one single tree on this battle field. Why?? To be honest: There is no reason to do so. Their argument is that in the next year the seeds of this tree will sprout, but the trees you can find in these areas haven’t a lot of seeds every year. Sometimes only every two or three years… – after the clear-cutting the companies replant huge monocultures of fast-growing trees and clear-cut the area after 50-60 years ( they often use douglas- fir because it is known for its fast-growing) – the rest of the wood is often burned and leaves behind masses of ugly „shit“! that looks like after war. Why they do so? No logic reason… – Erosion ( by wind and water) is a huge problem in these clear-cutted areas and the humous gets more and more less – somebody who works for the wood industry earns 4 TIMES MORE MONEY THAN A TEACHER!!! I really hope that this unsustainable and excessive clear-cutting will change to a more sustainable method of using the wood. I don’t think it will ever be possible to stop wood cutting at all, but maybe we don’t need such a way to keep an intact ecosystem. So speak with other people about this important issue, do something for its protection and don’t say:“ What can I change?? It’s of no use to change something in my usual habits if the rest of the world keeps doing like always“. Of course its often hard to change something in ones life and to encourage other people to do so, but everybody can do so and you will feel better, because than you can say:“ I am not part of the people who don’t care, but I shall try to make these people become part of the group that cares!“:) Hope you enjoyed my little text Blanka

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